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It's simple, but always intelligent.

It's simple, but always intelligent.

Xec-T was formed with the vision of offering a complete and unique recruitment and consultancy service to both clients and the Xec-T themselves. Our unique approach distinguishes us from our competitors, client focus and Xec-T.

Oil & Gas

Xec-T provides executive search & recruitment services within the oil & gas sector having worked with some of the major operators and EPC contractors across the Middle East.

Renewable Energy

Xec-T provides executive search & recruitment services within the renewable sector as the demand grows year upon year.   With a dedicat


Candidate has recently dedicated a considerable amount of resource in setting up its emiratisation focused vertical, ensuring the right recruiters are placed within this team to add value to our databas


Candidate Recruitment specialists for senior Physicians and senior nursing staff throughout the Middle East. We offer Western qualified / licensed candidates, primarily sourced from the UK

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