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    6/14/2020 03:54:36

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

at Full-Time

Job Description

A medical lawyer is a type of lawyer who handles various medical lawsuits and other medical malpractice claims. Medical lawyers typically have extensive knowledge of medical laws and standards, as well as the guidelines that govern ethical and professional conduct in the medical field. 

In addition, a medical lawyer will typically be well-versed in several other areas of law that are involved in medical lawsuits. These can include fields such as insurance law, personal injury law, contract laws, and malpractice law.

Job Responsibilities

Medical lawyers are usually focused on the task of representing plaintiffs who have been injured due to medical malpractice or due to a hospital error. Specifically, some tasks that medical lawyers may perform include:
  • Doing legal research for medical claims
  • Reviewing medical documents, files, and receipts in connection with a medical lawsuit
  • Advising legal clients on their rights during trial
  • Keeping evidence intact and preserved for trial (such as defective medicines or medical equipment)
  • Interpreting medical laws, standards, and guidelines in the area (they can often vary by region and by medical practice)
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Helping families plan for long term or elder care
  • Representing parties in violation of patient rights cases
  • Drafting and negotiation contracts
  • Assisting individuals applying for medical benefits and receiving payment
  • Representing clients in civil disputes over medical care
  • Counseling providers on insurance fraud
  • Representing medical providers with non-payment of services lawsuits
  • Responding to privacy violations
  • Assisting with review and negotiation of agreements

Thus, medical lawyers typically assist victims in obtaining a damages award to compensate them for their losses and injuries. 


  • 8 years on experience minimum with book of business
  • UAE based
  • Senior Associate
  • Degree Level: Juris Doctor (J.D.), Master of Laws (LL.M.) is optional
  • Degree Field(s): Law
  • License/Certification: Licensure in state of practice
  • Key Skills: Critical thinking, negotiation, verbal and written communication, familiar with various aspects of healthcare, ability to research, analytical, compassionate

Company Details